3 Powerful Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Break-Ins

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3 Powerful Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Break-Ins

10 March 2015
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When you own a small business, one of your primary concerns is loss from theft. You probably already have measures in place to prevent inventory loss from customer and employee theft during business hours, as this is when most thefts occur. However, it is not the only type of theft you might experience. While more rare, your building can be a target of after-hours thieves who will break in and steal inventory, equipment, money, and more. Just having a good lock, gate, or alarm on your building isn't enough to deter determined after-hours thieves. You'll need to know more about this topic and get more protection to keep your building and its contents secure from criminals.

Here are three powerful ways you can protect your small business from after-hours break-ins.

1. Install More Effective Locks

To deter thieves, you've got to make it as difficult as possible for them to get into your building. Most of them want to get in and out ASAP, and won't spend a lot of time trying to get inside your building when a less secure one may be available elsewhere on the block. Your locks play a big role in keeping out thieves.

You want both a complex pin and tumbler lock as well as a deadbolt. According to BizMove.org, a three to five pin lock is easy for most thieves to pick. To get the best protection, you need a five to seven pin tumbler lock.

A commercial locksmith will have these types of locks available and can install them on all of your doors for you. Installing these locks on every door into the building gives you multiple layers of protection, and most thieves won't bother with trying to get past this kind of security.

Adding deadbolts to the doors makes it even more difficult for a thief to get in. Even if they were to be able to pick the lock, they would still have to break down the door to get inside if you have a deadbolt. The effort just isn't worth it to most thieves.

2. Brighten Up Your Building With Appropriate Lighting

Lighting can be a very powerful deterrent to thieves, but only if it is the correct type of lighting. Every entrance point of the building should have a large, bright flood light over it that is kept on any time the building is unoccupied.

To keep thieves from breaking the lights so they can use the darkness to their advantage in getting into your building, make sure the lights are mercury or metallic vapor. These are very difficult to break, and will take too much time to disable for most thieves' liking.

In addition, keep lights on inside the building whenever it is unoccupied. This is especially important if your building has large front-facing windows. The indoor lighting will show whatever is going on inside the building, which allows passing police officers to notice suspicious activity and respond to it before thieves can actually rob you.

3. Install Commercial Security Cameras

Commercial security cameras are an invaluable resource against thieves. They can usually see where the cameras are installed and know they are being captured on video. This can be a deterrent to some thieves just on its own. Combined with other security measures listed here, it makes your building an undesirable place to rob.

It's even better if you get a commercial security camera system for each entrance, and have a DVR backup of all the recordings. It will allow you to check in on a mobile device whenever you're away from the building and see what's going on in real time.

You can also use the DVR backups to discover any suspicious activity or attempted break-ins with ease, and provide them as solid evidence if a would-be thief is caught and goes to court.


You can't always be at your business building keeping an eye on things. Unless you're open round the clock and always have employees there, the building will be left unattended at times. This doesn't mean it has to be vulnerable to break-ins, though.

Use these three tips to secure your building so even the most determined thieves won't want to bother with it. Call a commercial locksmith and lighting contractor today to put everything into place for you.