Shopping For A New Air Conditioner? 2 Features You Might Enjoy

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Shopping For A New Air Conditioner? 2 Features You Might Enjoy

13 April 2015
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If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you might wonder why anyone would spring for a fancy system with advanced features. After all, if it cools your house, what else could it possibly do? Although you might be tempted to pick up a run-of-the-mill unit, newer air conditioners boast features that really can make your life a little better. Here are two air conditioner options you might enjoy, and why they might be worth the investment:

1: Quiet Mode

After a long, hot day, you might look forward to climbing into bed and getting a little shut-eye. Unfortunately, if you have a standard air conditioner, you might have to deal with a little noise pollution every single time your system cycles on and off. Although a few rattles and an ever-present hum might seem like just another part of having an air conditioning system, you don't have to endure this inconvenience.

By taking advantage of inverter technology, some air conditioning manufacturers have been able to create quieter systems. Unlike old air conditioners, which typically contain one setting that turns on and off, systems with inverter technology can run at variable speeds; which makes it so they can start up slowly. Instead of switching on and waking up your entire family, air conditioners with a quiet mode will slowly increase the power, so that you aren't startled.

To make air conditioners run even quieter, some systems contain special wrapping around the unit to contain interior noise and fan blades that don't chop the air as much. Although it might seem like a small detail, a quieter air conditioner could help you to enjoy an uninterrupted dinner conversation or keep your baby from waking up in the middle of the night.  

2: Smartphone Connectivity

If you already use your smartphone to surf the web and keep track of your calendar, you might dream of the day you can use it to control your home appliances with the touch of button. Unfortunately, unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on a home automation system, you might figure that handheld air conditioning control is out of your league.

However, some new air conditioners contain standalone smart technology, so that you can upgrade your HVAC without automating your entire house. By tying your smart AC unit into your home's Internet connection, you can control your air conditioner from an app on your smartphone.  Here are a few reasons this might be helpful:

  • Control AC Away from Home: If you are on a budget, it can be frustrating to leave your house for the day and then remember that you left the AC on. However, if you have a smart system, you can easily adjust your home temperature—even if you aren't at your house.
  • Track Patterns: Do you ever wonder what you could do to dial back your energy usage? Smart air conditioners can record information and track patterns, so you can adjust your thermostat schedule. 
  • Report Issues Easier: Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with air conditioning problems and then not being able to recreate the issue when help arrives. However, smart systems can track important diagnostic information like error codes, so that your air conditioning repair professional can service your air conditioner more effectively.

Because your air conditioning system is tied to an application on your smart phone, it can even use your GPS system to tell when you are away.  Instead of cooling a house when there isn't anyone there to enjoy it, you can program your system to turn off when you are away and to turn back on when you start returning home.

Being familiar with the latest air conditioning features might help you to choose the best unit for your family, so that you can enjoy your new system.