Understand the Benefits of Heat Treated Steel Vs. Cold Rolled Steel

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Understand the Benefits of Heat Treated Steel Vs. Cold Rolled Steel

2 November 2015
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As a construction worker, you likely deal with steel on a near daily basis. Steel is one of the most common components used in the construction industry. Steel beams provide support in high-rise buildings and bridges. Steel plates can also provide additional structural support in between the floors of buildings. Heat treated steel is especially useful. In fact, there are at least a few reasons why you should use heat treated steel in your industry rather than cold rolled steel.

A Cost Effective Option

There are two kinds of steel most commonly used in the construction industry, which includes cold rolled steel and heat treated steel. Although both types of steel provide strength and durability, heat treated steel is often more cost effective than cold rolled steel. In the construction industry, finding ways to save money while still providing quality is the key to success.

The less you spend on materials, the more profit you can make. Additionally, if you are able to find quality materials at a lower price, you can help your clients save money. Considering that construction projects can cost upwards of thousands to millions of dollars, clients are happy to save money in whatever way they can, including lower priced materials.

By providing heat treated steel, you are enabling your clients to save money, which gives your construction company a competitive edge. Clients will be more likely to pick your company for projects since you are able to offer better prices. You can even lower your bid amount on certain projects since you can save money using heat treated steel versus the use of cold rolled steel.

Better Overall Properties

Heat treatments, such as thermal processing, changes the composition of certain metals, including steel. Heat can make metals stronger, therefore providing greater durability. Heat treated steel often offers a higher tensile and ductility value compared to cold rolled steel. Tensile values refer to a metal's ability to withstand tension.

For example, metals with a higher tensile value can withstand higher levels of tension and resistance without breaking. Therefore, it is important to use steel that is capable of withstanding greater amounts of tension, particularly when you construct load bearing structures such as bridges and high rises. Steel tends to have a higher tensile and ductility value compared to cold rolled steel.

Ductility values refer to the amount of strain metal can withstand before it ruptures. Metals with a lower ductility and tensile value may end up having a shorter lifespan, particularly when used in larger construction projects. Furthermore, the use of metals with lower ductility and tensile strengths could pose certain hazards, particularly in terms of rupturing, collapsing, and folding.

Easier to Mold

Exposing steel to high heat, such as the temperatures produced through thermal processing make the metal malleable. Malleable steel can be formed into a number of shapes and designs. For example, it is possible to create curved beams. Once the beam cools, it will off the strength and durability needed while retaining the shape you formed it into.

Molded steel beams are highly useful if you wish for your industry to gain a competitive edge. Many buildings are created using modern designs ranging from domed roof shapes to curved structural appeal. There are plenty of examples of buildings with modern architectural appeal and curved structural elements.

Some buildings that have used curved structural elements include the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the HL23 to name a few. Many of the amazing structural elements seen in the aforementioned buildings made use of formed steel beams. Luckily, you can bring the same level of artistry, intelligence, and design to the table using heat treated steel.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of heat treated steel, contact companies like Pacific Metallurgical Inc for information. A professional can help you choose a process that best suits the elements of your next construction project.