Is There A Way To Save Your Tree After A Rat Problem?

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Is There A Way To Save Your Tree After A Rat Problem?

1 December 2015
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If rats live in one of the trees on your property and damaged its bark, you may wonder if there's a way to save the tree. Damaged tree bark can cause many problems for your tree, including death. To see if you can save the tree, contact tree service contractors for help. The contractors can see if the tree is still healthy enough to save or if they need to remove the tree because it's too damaged to live. Here's how rodents damage trees and what tree contractors can do to solve your problem.

How Do You Get Rid of the Rats?

Before the contractors arrive to examine your tree, it's a good idea that you place traps around the tree to catch the rodents. You can use bait stations obtained from the city or contact pest control services instead. Also, remove old appliances, tires and furnishings that rodents can hide in from your property. 

If necessary, repair any holes in your home's siding, roof and basement. Rats can leave the tree and build nests inside these structures. If tree services manage to save your tree, the rodents can return to it later and cause more damage. After you get rid of the rats, tree services can inspect the tree's bark and roots for damage.

What Will Tree Contractors Do About Your Tree?

Rats generally build nesting sites in the trunks and roots of trees because these places protect their young from hawks, cats and other predators. However, in the process of building their nests, rats can endanger the health of the trees when they destroy the bark.

Bark protects the part of the tree that processes nutrients, energy and food. A tree that doesn't have all of its bark may not receive the food and energy it needs to survive. Tree contractors can tell if a tree is too damaged to save if it's missing a certain percentage of bark.

For example, if the tree lost 50 to 100 percent of its bark, it may not survive, even with treatment. Contractors may suggest that you remove the tree before it completely dies. Attempting to save the tree at this point may become expensive over time. But if the tree lost 50 percent or less of its bark, contractors will generally clean out the exposed areas to help it heal. With time, the tree becomes stronger and healthier as it grows new bark. 

How Do You Protect Your Other Trees From Rats?

Once your tree is safe and secure, take steps to protect it and other trees from rodents. It's a good idea that you have pest control inspect your property for more signs of rats. Pest control may set bait stations in the trees to help control the rodent population on your property. 

Also, have tree services visit your home every few months or so. During the visit, the contractors may trim back any overgrown tree limbs and branches you have on your property. Rodents can still hide in your trees if they have overgrown limbs and branches. Regular maintenance of your trees can help control this issue.

In addition, tree contractors can inspect all of your trees for disease and insect damage. Even if you manage to keep rodents away from your trees, wood-boring insects, fungal infections and other problems can endanger the bark, roots and leaves of your trees. Tree contractors can treat any problems they find with herbicides and other methods to prevent the permanent damage of your trees.

For more tips and information about your trees or how to keep rats out of them, contact a tree service provider today, such as Smitty's Tree Service Inc.