Selling Some Land? Here's How to Increase Buyer Interest So You Can Close Quickly

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Selling Some Land? Here's How to Increase Buyer Interest So You Can Close Quickly

8 March 2016
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Selling a piece of raw land is a lot easier than selling a home in many ways because there isn't anything other than the land itself that's in question. But chances are that your property won't be the only raw piece of land on the market in your area at the same time. Because of this it's a good idea to take some steps that will set your land apart from the competition, which should result in increased buyer interest and enable you to close quickly. Consider implementing one or more of these methods:  

Have the Land Surveyed

One of the best ways to increase buyer interest is to have your land surveyed before putting it on the market. A land surveyor can provide prospective buyers with land maps and boundary information so they know exactly what they're getting for their money. Land surveying is also an important tool that can benefit potential buyers in the following ways:

  • Easements and abandoned roads will be pointed out.
  • Features such as ponds and rivers will be outlined.
  • Joint driveways and public right-of-ways will be fully understood.
  • Information about water, electric, and gas pipelines will be provided to assist with future development plans.

With these insights, potential buyers will have peace of mind in knowing that they're making an educated decision when they make an offer on your property. They'll also be sure to appreciate the benefit that they don't have to schedule and pay for any land surveying processes themselves.

Create a Barrier between Neighboring Properties

Spending the time and money to create a barrier between your property and neighboring properties will not only increase your land value and enable you to ask a higher listing price, but the process should help to attract buyers who are interested in building a new home on the property they purchase. There are a variety of eye-appealing ways to create a property barrier that don't require thousands of dollars in renovations. Forget about fencing and consider one of these options instead:

  • Plant hibiscus bushes around the perimeter—they can be trimmed to any shape and size, and their flowers bloom in a myriad of vibrant colors.
  • Set up one-foot lattice walls and plant tomatoes, squash, berries, and other veggies that grow tall and bushy to create both privacy and free food for potential buyers.
  • Plant baby hardwood trees along the interior perimeter of your property to provide free fire wood and enhanced beauty in later years.

Even just planting a few rose bushes around the border of your property will create the illusion of a border that potential buyers can use to visualize their own border design once they own the place.

Highlight the Possibilities

Another effective way to attract potential buyers and enjoy a quick closing is to take a take time and document some of the possibilities for the property. Whether in the form of a flyer, a brochure, or a power point presentation, you'll find that presenting the potentials and possibilities of your property help to inspire potential buyers so they start thinking about how to use the property themselves. Once buyers start seeing themselves as owners of the property, you can expect offers to start pouring in shortly afterward.

To begin, simply make a list of possible options for owners of the property and then print them out in a list form or have a graphic designer spice things up with images and unique text. Then you can print the information out in whatever form works best for your marketing techniques and budget so buyers can gain insight into the possibilities before they even set foot on the property in person.

If there is lots of room for gardening, you can mention that commercial farming opportunities are possible. If the property has a natural concave on the land, you can highlight the fact that creating a pond would be a cinch. The idea is to come up with a range of property possibilities and to highlight them so buyers can combine the insight with their own imagination while they consider purchasing your place.

These tips and tricks should help improve curb appeal, ensure buyer interest, and maybe even increase your property value overall.