3 Innovative Spa Accessories You Need Today

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3 Innovative Spa Accessories You Need Today

7 October 2016
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After installing the hot tub of your dreams, you might be wondering what else you can do to turn your backyard into a comfortable oasis. Fortunately, the market has answered your silent wishes with spa accessories to make your new hot tub even more luxurious. Here are three innovative spa accessories that you just have to have, and why.

1. Aromatherapy Liquids

Aromatherapy isn't just for your yoga class or reed diffuser anymore. To make your hot tub experience even more relaxing, pick up some aromatherapy spa liquids. By adding a tablespoon or two to your bubbling hot tub, you can enjoy scents such as vanilla, jasmine, honeysuckle, or tropical paradise.

Aromatherapy liquids are designed to be safe for the plastic, acrylic, and vinyl surfaces of your spa, so that you won't have to worry about things like corrosion or color changes. As an added benefit, aromatherapy liquids dissipate over time, which means you won't have to worry about a scent you don't like sticking around for multiple spa sessions. 

Although aromatherapy scents for your hot tub might seem like the ultimate "first world" product, these additives can offer the same proven aromatherapy benefits you might reap at your local holistic healing center. Research has shown that some essential oils can relieve anxiety and stress, while others may promote relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

2. Illuminated Accent Lights

If you like to soak in your hot tub in the evening after work, you might be left dealing with a common frustration: not being able to find spa controls in the dark. Although some spa models now come along with illuminated panels and easy-to-find controls for things like foot jets, others are designed with minimal lighting that can make it hard to enjoy your spa after the sun goes down.

To prevent these kinds of issues, consider investing in illuminated floating accent lights. These handy lights are powered by a small battery inside a waterproof chamber, offering a soft glow without endangering your health or safety. Unlike permanent lighting fixtures, which are often bolted into place, illuminated floating accent lights can be removed from the tub when you don't need them. To give your hot tub a little personality, some spa accent lights contain LED light bulbs that can be programmed to change color or project colorful patterns onto the spa floor.

3. A Hose-free Water Vacuum

Before your family and friends can come over to enjoy your spa, you might find yourself desperately searching for your pool cleaning tools to remove those dead leaves, stray hairs, or unknown grime from the bottom of your spa. Unfortunately, traditional pool cleaning tools are notoriously bulky and difficult to navigate, since many have long hoses and electrical cords.

Fortunately, highly portable, hose-free water vacuums are now available to make tidying up quicker and easier than ever before. These vacuums are typically powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so they pack a powerful cleaning punch without relying on power cords and nearby outlets. Some spa vacuums are also designed with plastic cleaning fins that won't damage the smooth surface of your spa and pre-programmed settings to ensure full coverage of cleaning areas.

Pool vacuums are also an important safety accessory, since they can remove things like glass fragments and sharp rocks from the bottom of your spa that visitors might not see. Keeping your pool tidy can also help you to regular the water chemistry, preventing algae growth, keeping the water crystal clear, and protecting your skin. 

By adding the right spa accessories to your hot tub, you might be able to keep your guests safe and comfortable—while enjoying aromatherapy on a whole new level. For more information on accessories or new gadgets, contact services like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas.