Learn About 2 Different Kinds Of Windows

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Learn About 2 Different Kinds Of Windows

28 March 2017
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If you are doing some remodeling work on your home, that may include adding in new windows. There are a lot of different kinds of windows you could choose from. Here are just two ideas.

Bay Windows

When you look at windows, you notice that most windows are flush up against your exterior wall. Bay windows aren't. They go out past the plane that is created by your exterior wall. Generally, a bay window is a unit that is made up of three separate windows. Those windows are a large central window, usually a picture window, and two smaller side windows. Those windows are at an angle to the central window and connect the house's exterior wall with the central window. On the inside, the windows are supported by a built-out floor. Many people use these floors as window seats, or you can use them for plants or something similar. There are some advantages and disadvantages to bay windows. One advantage is that if you have a great view, a bay window lets you take advantage of that, and you can see a lot more of it. A disadvantage is that a bay window takes up exterior space, which could cause problems if you have a narrow pathway to the house. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows look like double hung windows, except they don't have two separate windows that open from the bottom. Instead, a casement window is one sheet of glass, and it opens from the side like a door. They can be pushed open, but more generally have a crank so that you crank them open or shut. While you can have casement windows that completely open, most of them have a limiter that keeps them from opening completely. Casement windows are usually set up as pairs of windows, with the windows opening in the center and the hinges on opposite sides. One advantage of using casement windows is that they tend to be better for ventilation than other windows are, so they can help keep your house cooler. A disadvantage is that you may have a hard time adjusting them so that they are open to right where you want them to be. 

Remodeling your home can include changing around windows. If you are going to get new windows, you may want to keep these two ideas in mind so that you can get the right ones for you.