3 Ways A Metal Roof Can Keep You Cooler This Summer

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3 Ways A Metal Roof Can Keep You Cooler This Summer

10 April 2017
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It doesn't matter where you live, staying cool during the summer is a shared goal. Not only is keeping cool important but keeping cool without paying skyrocketing energy bills is the real end game. A metal roof can help you accomplish these goals. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider this addition before summer.

Automatic Heat Reflector

A primary reason why a home is hotter during the summer is the fact that the intense heat from the sun shines down on the roof, penetrates through it and heats up your home. Metal is considered a great sun reflector, especially if you choose an additional reflective coating.

Sure, the sun will still beat down on your roof, but instead of the rays penetrating through and entering into your home, they instead are reflected away, automatically keeping your home cooler. This benefit is easy to understand since the less heat in your home, the cooler it is.

Less Dependence

As previously mentioned, it's not enough to just keep your home cooler, but the goal is a cool home with budget-friendly energy bills. Since your home will automatically be cooler, you will, in turn, have less dependence on your cooling system, meaning you won't have to turn your unit on as often or you will be able to set it at a higher temperature.

Less dependence means less usage, which ultimately means lower bills. As an added benefit, you can also look forward to less dependence in the cooler months of the year, offering you the potential for year-round savings.

Solar Radiation Re-Emitting

In addition to reflecting the heat away from your home and minimizing absorption inside, metal roofs that have been specially coated are designed to re-emit solar radiation. When the roof reflects the solar energy, it saves, or stores, some of it.

This re-emitting process then uses the absorbed solar radiation to then cool your roof. This basically gives you two benefits for the price of one because as it cools the roof, it also cools the attic and the rest of your home, automatically lowering the temperature, which can help you better regulate the temperatures.

A metal roofing contractor can help you explore all the different ways in which a metal roof can help you keep your home cooler this summer. If you're in need of a new roof, making this upgrade is a great way for you to save.