Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Air Conditioning System

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Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Air Conditioning System

10 April 2017
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The spring and summer months can bring intense heat, which will make a central air conditioning system a valuable feature for any home. However, homeowners are often poorly equipped to get the best performance from these systems, and this can lead to higher energy costs as well as reduced comfort. Making sure that your home's central air conditioning system works at peak performance will require you to take some fairly simple steps to avoid common performance drags.

Avoid Placing Sources of Heat Near the Thermostat

It can be common for homeowners to overlook the important role that their thermostat will place in keeping the house comfortable. In particular, homeowners may fail to realize the need to keep the thermostat in a dark area that is away from potential heat sources. This is necessary to ensure that the thermostat is giving accurate readings. In order to avoid complications from an overheated thermostat, you should avoid placing intense lights, space heaters, or other heat sources near it. If the thermostat is near a window, you should make an effort to shade it from direct sun.

Clean the Exterior Unit

Your exterior unit is the heart of your air conditioning system, but it is common for homeowners to neglect this part of the system. Failing to keep the exterior unit clean can impact the flow of air through the system, which may greatly compromise its performance. In addition to restricting the flow of air, dirt can also interfere with the ability of the condensation coil to vent heat. However, you may avoid these performance issues by cleaning the exterior unit each spring. When cleaning the unit, you will want to remove any debris that may be clogging the air vents and remove any dirt that has gathered on the condensation coils. A garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle can be highly effective for this task.

Appreciate the Value of Shade

When your exterior air conditioning unit is positioned so that the sun will directly shine on it, the temperature of the unit will likely increase substantially. This heat gain can compromise the performance of the system as it will have to compensation for this additional heat. Depending on the capacity of your unit, it may not be able to fully compensate for this heat gain, which could lead to the system blowing warm air in your house. If your unit is located where it receives intense sunlight, installing an awning can be a highly effective method of mitigating this problem by shading the unit from the sun's most intense light and heat.

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