How Seasons Affect The Type Of Tent You Purchase

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How Seasons Affect The Type Of Tent You Purchase

10 May 2017
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If you are thinking about purchasing a tent, you really need to think about when you want to go camping before you purchase one from a tent manufacturer. Tents are made for different types of weather and seasons. Here is a quick rundown of the different types of tents that you can purchase depending on when you want to go camping.

1. Summer

If you want to go camping in the summer when it is hot outside, you need to purchase a summer tent. Summer tents are designed to be lightweight with lots of mesh panels and ventilation in order to keep the heat down. Most summer tents are made to withstand a little gentle rain, but they are not made for downpours. Summer tents are often simple, with lots of mesh and openings, as well as a few support poles.

2. Spring And Summer

If you want to get a little more versatility out of your tent, you are going to want to get a spring and summer or summer and fall tent; these tents are also often called two-season tents. They are designed to handle a little bit more rainfall than a summer tent and keep you warm on chill spring nights or chill fall mornings. Two-season tents generally have a little less ventilation than summer tents, which allows them to keep you warm on cool spring and fall days and cool on hot summer days. These types of tent often have a skylight in them as well.

4. All Seasons

If you want to be able to take your tent out no matter the weather, you are going to want to look for an all-season or four-season tent. These tents are strong and sturdy and are designed to be able to withstand rainfall and snowfall. They generally have lots of ventilation, but you can zip these ventilation areas closed in the winter. The fabric is generally thicker and heavier, and the tent typically comes with a rain cover that you can put over the outside of the tent to make it strong when you know there is going to be rainfall and snowfall. These types of tents often also have more poles to support them.

Before you purchase a tent, think carefully about what season you want to go camping in. If you want to go camping only in the summer, a summer tent will be perfect for you. If you want to go camping right on the edge of summer and get in a few fall and spring trips, a two-season tent is the right choice. If you like to be able to camp all year, even when the rain and snow is falling, a four-season tent is the right choice for you.