Three Winter Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes

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Three Winter Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes

10 May 2017
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Most people don't think about home maintenance during winter, but that can be a mistake – especially when it comes to your garage doors. The following are some things you want to avoid or you may be facing repairs once warm weather arrives.

#1: Not using proper care when deicing

There are many ways to remove snow and ice from a drive, and each can lead to damage to the garage door if you aren't careful. Chemical deicers that sit against the bottom of the door can eat through the finish on both metal and wood doors. This can lead to corrosion on a metal door or rot on a wood door. Snowblowers, and to a lesser extent shovels, can also cause damage. Never blow or throw the snow toward the door. A heavy chunk of snow or ice can dent metal or crack vinyl or wood doors. There is also the danger of a broken window if your garage door has these.

#2: Skipping fall door maintenance

Your garage door is exposed to the elements, so use summer and fall to make sure it is in good repair before the major weather events of winter. Wooden doors need an intact layer of paint or sealer. Any exposed wood is open to moisture damage, which can cause the door to warp or rot. Metal doors are less prone to moisture damage since the paint doesn't wear from these as easily. You should still check over a metal door for dents or scratches, though, and cover these with a touch up paint or sealer so you don't have to worry about rust on the exposed metal.

#3: Ignoring needed lubrication

You likely don't want to be struggling with a sticking or noisy garage door in the cold of winter, so lubricate in the fall before the temperature drops. Use a broom to sweep the leaves and debris out of the garage door tracks, and then clean off all the moving parts with a rag. Finally, add a drop of garage door lubricant to the tracks, each wheel on the doors, and the hinges. Use a lubricant made for garage doors, as these are formulated to work in a range of temperature conditions and for repeated uses.You can also lubricate the moving parts on the automatic opener.

For more help in maintaining or repairing your home's garage door, contact a garage door contractor in your area, such as Callahan Door and Window.