Securing Your Home Through Proper Awareness - Signs You May Need Garage Door Repair

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Securing Your Home Through Proper Awareness - Signs You May Need Garage Door Repair

11 June 2017
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Arriving home in your car and pulling into your garage may come with a strong sense of accomplishment. A home that belongs to you, a vehicle that belongs to you, and a secure place to park are all signs of the rewards of hard work, so it's important that you can continue to enjoy them without slipping into unnecessary stress.

If you don't stay on top of important maintenance tasks, however, that stress may be unavoidable. Staying vigilant for signs of trouble can help avoid expensive repairs, but many people lack the information necessary to know when something serious is wrong. Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that you may need garage door repair that should help identify the problems you need to stay on top of.

Jerky Or Hesitant Motion

A properly maintained garage door should respond immediately to your commands and open and close quickly with one fluid motion. A garage door that hesitates, moves in fits and starts, and appears to raise or lower more quickly on one side is one that you should take time to inspect.

When your garage door is out of balance or requires lubrication, you may be able to perform those repairs yourself. However, stalled motion in your garage door may also be a sign of a spring problem that could require professional intervention.

Signs Of Moisture

The weather stripping that surrounds the exterior of your garage door is strong and resilient, and should help to keep water out of your garage in every situation. If it's no longer serving that purpose, you should check for any cracks or separation that may highlight spreading damage.

Those signs aren't merely limited to large pools of water. Your garage may not be a part of your home's central climate control system, but it also doesn't need to be uncomfortably humid. If you do notice heavy, stagnant air, it's important to check for any leaks or damage to your door.

Surface Damage

The panels which comprise the surface of your garage door should be carefully checked for any dents, cracks, or dings on a regular basis. Some of these may be the result of normal usage, especially if you have children who frequently play around your home. Some of these, however, may be due to unnecessary contact with the door frame or even attempts to break in to your garage. Noting the damage and having it repaired is the best way to be sure your home stays strong and secure.

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