Privacy Vs. Decoration: The Age-Old Battle About Draperies Resolved

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Privacy Vs. Decoration: The Age-Old Battle About Draperies Resolved

29 July 2017
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Draperies, or simply drapes, are the window coverings people use to cover and decorate their windows. However, drapes have other purposes, too. They serve to provide privacy, keep sunlight and heat out, and keep cool air inside. So, do you pick drapes based on their features, or based on their decorative appeal? It is an age-old battle with the following winning solutions.

Decorative Drapes with Privacy Blinds

Sure, it is double the work to install blinds and drapes, but then the drapes are just to pretty up the windows while the blinds do all the rest of the work. Your drapes frame the window, and the blinds can open and close to various degrees to do what privacy blinds usually do. It is the best of both worlds. If you get drapes with large valances, you can even make your blinds disappear completely from view every time you use the drawstring to pull the blinds up and out of view.

Remote Control Blinds Inside the Windows

There are some new-fangled windows that now have blinds inside. The blinds are between two panes of glass, but they automatically and effectively close to block out light and prying eyes. A remote control allows you to open and close them as much as you want without ever touching a cord. If you have these installed, then you can choose whatever decorative drapes you want without a second thought to the functional aspects of your window coverings.

Drapes with Half-Shutters

In the South, many houses have functional shutters. These are used for closing out sunlight to keep homes cooler in the summer. They are also used to help prevent damage to windows during hurricanes; hence, they are frequently called hurricane shutters

You can reproduce this look by installing functional half-shutters inside the house that cover just the bottom halves of your windows. This gives you adequate privacy while still allowing some sunlight to enter the room through the top halves of the windows. The drapes, then, are just decoration.

Room-Darkening, Drawstring, Decorative Drapes on a Track

You could also opt for an all-in-one drape option that is somewhat old-school, but still quite effective. These are room-darkening drapes, mounted on a track, which open and shut via a drawstring system. Drapery designers have also managed to make many of these drapes quite attractive as well. Then you would have no need for secondary window treatments, such as blinds or shutters.

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