Getting Ready To Paint Your Home: Steps You Should Take

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Getting Ready To Paint Your Home: Steps You Should Take

19 September 2018
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When you are thinking about taking on a major project in your home like painting your house, there are many factors you need to consider and steps that you need to take in the process. However, if you have never painted a house before, you may not know everything that you need to take care of as you prepare to get started. Learn more about some of the steps you should take as you ready yourself to paint your house. Then, you can be sure the project goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Clean Your Home's Exteriors

One of the most important steps you should take when you are getting ready to paint your home is to clean off your home's exterior surfaces. The exterior surfaces of your home can get dirty just because they are in the outdoors. Layers of dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate over the years. 

You do not want to put a coat of paint over those layers of unwanted dirt and dust as they will then be permanently trapped there. Additionally, that dirt and dust can add extra texture and unevenness to your final paint job which can leave you disappointed with your end results. 

As such, clean off your home thoroughly. You will most likely want to use a power washer to do this job as it will get the most dirt and debris off of those surfaces. 

Get Your Scaffolding and Other Equipment Together

Another factor to consider in getting ready to paint your house is to get all of the necessary equipment together. Many homeowners opt to just use extension ladders to reach the high points of their roof. However, a much better and safe option is scaffolding

Scaffolding provides a much more stable platform while you do all of the work associated with your painting project. You will have a series of levels with flat walkways and standing platforms to work with. You will be able to better handle your painting supplies as well as the work itself while remaining stable and safe.

Other equipment you need, of course include paint scrapers, paintbrushes, the paint itself, as well as safety equipment like gloves and protective eyewear. You may also want face masks to cover your mouth in case of wind causing the paint to splatter in your face. Once you have your scaffolding in place and the supplies and other equipment gathered, you can begin the final preparation step.

Scrape Off Any Loose Paint

Over the years, paint can begin to chip and peel from a house. You do not want this loosened paint underneath your new coat of paint as it can cause your new paint to peel off faster. Use a paint scraper to remove any of these areas of paint that is in the process of coming off of your house. 

Pay special attention to the edges of the paint (such as where it comes into contact with the rain gutters or the foundation). These are areas that can be prone to such issues. Once you have taken care of those problematic areas with the existing paint, you can get started doing the actual painting. 

Now that you know some of the steps to take when you are planning to paint your home, you can get the process started as soon as possible.