Moving Into An Older Home? Tips To Make It Lead And Mold Free

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Moving Into An Older Home? Tips To Make It Lead And Mold Free

1 February 2019
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If you are moving into an older home, there are things you have to determine. Two of these things is if the home has any lead or mold in it. If so, both things can be dangerous to you and your family. Before anything happens, below are some tips to make the home lead and mold free so you can get moved in.

Lead Abatement

To determine if there is lead in the home you need to hire a professional. This person will determine if there is lead and if so, what the lead levels are. The inspector will test paint, as lead paint was often used in the past. They can also test the soil around the home for lead. The inspector has access to different machines to help them do this process. For example, a fluorescence machine that works much like an x-ray is often used. Areas of lead will light up on the machine for the inspector to see.

If your home is determined to have lead, you need to hire a lead abatement company. They will remove all lead paint or anything else that has lead from your home. The company will first seal all doorways and windows to contain the lead to one area.

The abatement company will do everything they can to reduce the amount of dust that is created during the removal process. The company will use chemical strippers to remove the paint and then use dray and/or wet sandpaper to completely strip the walls before anything can be repainted.

When the job is finished, the abatement company will do a test again to ensure your home is free from lead.

Mold Removal

If you see mold in your home, you may be able to remove it yourself. For example, if you find mold in the bathroom you first scrub the area to remove the mold. When finished, fill a spray bottle with 50/50 water and bleach. Spray the solution where you had mold. This will kill any mold spores that may be left behind. Rinse the area well and then spray it with a product that prevents mold from returning. You can purchase this product at home improvement stores.

If you have a lot of mold in your home, such as on many walls, ceilings, in the basement, etc., hire a mold removal company to remove it for you. This company will have special equipment they use to get the mold and spores out.

The cleaning equipment and chemicals they use are much stronger than trying to clean the mold by hand. They also have testing equipment where they can test for mold in areas that you may not be able to see, such as behind something.

Talk with the lead abatement company, like Colfax Corporation, and the mold removal company to learn much more about the process of removing these two harmful things from your home.