How To Get Your Rental Property Ready For The Perfect Tenants

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How To Get Your Rental Property Ready For The Perfect Tenants

26 April 2019
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When you are looking for the right tenant to live in, take proper care of, and rent your property, often the condition and appearance of your property can either attract or detract the type of renter you want. When you want a certain type of renter, you need to make sure your property is in a condition that renters will want. Here are some updates you can make to your rental property to improve its appearance and attract the renters you want to reside there.

Provide Paved Parking

If your rental property has a gravel or dirt driveway or parking area, or no designated parking area, then this is something you can consider updating on the rental. A paved parking area gives your renter a quality parking area, especially if they have a vehicle they don't want to become dirty or muddy. And a parking area makes your property look more well-maintained.

If your property's parking area is old and decaying with weeds and grass growing through cracks, you should consider repaving it with new asphalt. Call a local asphalt paving company for a quote on the work. Make sure they provide a quote with a proper gravel foundation for the asphalt. This will provide your asphalt the support it needs to withstand the weight of vehicles and damage that can occur from freeze-thaw damage.

Be sure you take care of your asphalt pavement once it is installed. Repair any cracking yourself or hire a professional asphalt crew to complete the repairs in spring. Then, follow up with a sealcoating treatment every few years to protect your asphalt.

Add Yard Landscaping

Another improvement that can boost the quality of your rental property is adding and maintaining landscaping. A property that has a lush landscaped yard will require regular watering and mowing, but it also provides your renter with a yard for their family, children, or pets, which is a safe place to play.

Add a lawn with lawn seed, hydroseed application, or by installing it with sod. If you can add an automatic sprinkler system in the yard, this minimizes how much hands-on care the yard will need with watering and it will make sure your lawn gets the watering it requires.  This also eliminates the need to manually water the lawn, which can be a time-consuming task for you to ask your tenants to handle, especially if they work full time.

As the landlord, you can hire a weekly lawn care service to mow the property's lawn, ask if the tenant can take care of it, or you can handle the work yourself. This way you will protect your rental property investment and landscaping to keep your property looking its best.

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