Tips To Select, Install, And Care For Your Wood Countertops

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Tips To Select, Install, And Care For Your Wood Countertops

4 September 2019
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Your kitchen is a space in your home that receives a lot of use from cooking and gathering for meals, and the countertops in your kitchen can provide long-lasting beauty in your kitchen, especially when you select a rich, warm wood for your countertops. But with wood butcher block countertops there are some tips you should heed to make sure they look great as long as possible, which should be as long as your home lasts. Here are some tips to help you make sure you select and install the right wood countertop for your kitchen and take care of it to ensure it lasts for decades.

Select the Right Wood Countertop

First in the process of adding a beautiful wood countertop butcher block to your kitchen is to choose the right wood for the task. The thicker the wood your counter is made of, the more durable and longer-lasting your counter will be. Choose the right type of wood to achieve the look you want in your kitchen. You can choose from such woods as walnut, teak, birch, or beech, depending on your budget. 

Also consider the wood's finish, or if you plan to finish it yourself, the type of treatments you apply to it for regular maintenance. You can order a wood countertop that has a factory finish to protect it from regular use and aging, which can be a more durable finish. Or you can order your wood countertop unfinished, which you will need to oil it each month to protect and give it a beautiful shine. You can also apply a clear coat finish to your unfinished countertop for a bit more protection to its surface.

Hire Professional Installation

When you have selected the right wood countertop for your kitchen, you want to make sure it is installed properly to protect its value and performance. A butcher block counter is something you can install by yourself, but this can put your countertop at risk of being unstable, becoming damaged, and voiding your warranty on the wood. And if you don't install it properly, it can become warped or cupped from moisture and make its surface uneven and damaged.

Talk to your local wood countertop distributor about having a professional installation completed. They will level and attach properly your countertop to your cabinets, then finish any raw edges and cut out the required pieces to fit and install your kitchen sink, faucet, and any other openings for your kitchen work surface. This will ensure your counter will look great not just after installation, but after several years of use in your kitchen.

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