Reasons To Choose Aluminum Gutters To Protect Your Home

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Reasons To Choose Aluminum Gutters To Protect Your Home

9 October 2019
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Your home needs gutters to drain water away from the foundation. However, you have options when it comes to the type of gutters you choose. Aluminum is a popular choice since it has benefits over steel, wood, copper, or vinyl. These are some reasons to choose aluminum gutters for your home.

Aluminum Is Light When Compared To Other Options

Being lightweight has advantages for gutters. This makes them easier to install, and less weight also means a lower risk of sagging or pulling away from the house. When the troughs fill up with rain or get clogged with leaf clumps, the extra weight can sometimes lead to problems. Even something like a heavy raccoon walking along the troughs can add so much weight that the gutters sag. The risk of this is lower when you start with lightweight aluminum. Even though aluminum is light, it's a tough and durable material that's ideal for gutters.

Aluminum Doesn't Rot Or Rust

Gutters are exposed to the weather their entire lives. Steel gutters can start to rust eventually and develop rust holes that leak. Wood gutters rot and decay. Aluminum won't rot, and it doesn't rust, so it has a good chance at a long life that gives you value for your money. Plus, since they don't deteriorate, the gutters are less likely to become eyesores as they age.

Aluminum Troughs Can Be Seamless

One reason aluminum gutters are popular is that you can get them in a seamless form. There are two types of gutters you can have installed. One type is made from sections of troughs that are seamed together with adhesive. Others are seamless so there is less risk of leaking since there are no seams to fall apart. Seamless gutters are custom made for your home and extruded on the spot right before they're installed. They come in a variety of colors, so seamless aluminum gutters are a good option to consider for your home.

Aluminum Can Look Like Copper

Copper is the high-end material for gutters. While it's beautiful, it is expensive and usually not a practical choice. However, you can opt for less expensive aluminum gutters that are made to mimic the appearance of copper. You can have gutters that look like copper that has aged and developed a patina without having to wait for the natural aging process. You can also choose a different color for your aluminum gutters, and the colors are often baked on so they last a long time with little need for maintenance.