Considering An Extra Detached Garage? What To Get A Quote On

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Considering An Extra Detached Garage? What To Get A Quote On

15 November 2019
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If you are going to add a garage to your property because you need a place to put your recreational vehicles, or just so you can hang out in it, there are some things to consider when you meet with the garage builders. The builders should have a variety of layouts and color combinations that you can consider so that the building matches your home. Do the following to get the project started.

Get an Estimate on Size

Start the quote out by just getting an estimate for the size of detached garage you want. They can start with their base rate for that model, and from there you can talk about the different features you want or upgrades you'll have to invest in.

Look at the colors and models of garage designs they have created in the past, and show them the space where the barn will go. This can help you figure out what is the best size and shape for your property.

Add an Overhang and Patio

If you would like the option of having a hangout area in your garage, you want to get an overhang put at the side of the garage. Then, have a patio poured under the overhang as well. This gives you an outdoor entertainment space and somewhere to sit and look at the house or relax. This is a great feature to have for putting chairs and benches or swings, and it also adds aesthetic appeal to the garage.

Consider Geothermal Heating Options

Heating and cooling the space doesn't have to require large appliances or units. Instead, put a geothermal heating and cooling unit inside the building. This HVAC unit will pull heat from around the garage in the ground and use it to provide warmth inside the building. It also takes heat and moisture out of the building to assist with cooling. You could also use geothermal energy to get hot water.

Once you have the quote for all of these features and for the garage layout that you want, you will want to get an estimate to put driveway back the garage as well. Adding a garage to your property is a great way to get some extra storage space and to create an area where you can hang out and entertain when you want. Talk with the garage builders to get the best modern options they have, and to get an estimate.