What To Do When You Have A Broken Sewage Line

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What To Do When You Have A Broken Sewage Line

23 December 2019
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One of the worst problems to have in a home is a broken sewage line. The reason this can be such a disaster for homeowners is because toxic sewage can saturate the yard and even back up back into the home. This is a very dangerous situation that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. To help you know what you need to do in this type of situation, you will want to spend a little time checking out the following tips.

Stop Using The Water In The House

Once you suspect, or have it confirmed, that there is a broken sewage line, you will want to stop using all of the plumbing in the house. The goal is to prevent any more water, clean or dirty, going out of the house and into the sewage drain line. When there is a break in the underground drain line, clogs will form and water and waste will begin to seep into the soil. You do not want a lot of human waste mixing in with all of the soil because that soil will need to be removed to get to the pipe. Anyone working to repair the broken sewage line will be at risk for illness working in that mess.

Hire Someone To Use A Backhoe

A lot of soil is going to need to be removed in order to expose the sewage pipe. If you know that the line is too far down for you to be able to shovel the dirt away from it on your own, you will want to hire someone to come in with a backhoe to remove the soil. Excavators can get all of the soil removed quickly so that the sewage drain line is exposed. Then, the pipe can be fixed and once that is done, the soil can be put back in place.

After having taken a little time to review the previously mentioned tips, you should have a much better understanding of what you need to do should you experience a broken sewage line. Make sure that you are no longer using any water in the house, as you do not want to add more of a mess to the situation outside. Also, you will want to make use of a excavation machine if the sewage pipe is too far down into the ground for you to dig it out by hand with a shovel.