Boiler Repairs That Are Needed As Cold Weather Arrives And Heating Is Turned On

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Boiler Repairs That Are Needed As Cold Weather Arrives And Heating Is Turned On

8 October 2020
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A boiler is a mechanical system that is often used throughout the year for plumbing systems. During the winter months, the boiler is used more frequently when you turn your heating on, which is also when you can start having problems that will need to be repaired. The following boiler problems are some of the issues that may need to be repaired as you begin to use your household heating this winter:

A bad control unit and thermostat issues

The boiler that controls the hot water and heating system for your home has a control unit that controls the boiler's temperature and things like your heating system. This is a small computer control unit that can go bad, and it is a component that may need to be replaced as you start using your heating system. In addition to the boilers control unit, the thermostat of your heating system can also cause problems with your heating system and may need to be adjusted or replaced before the winter weather gets colder.

Issues with the burner not heating the water

The boiler burner is another component that can cause problems as you start using your heating more frequently. This is often due to the boiler needing to heat water and liquids more frequently for the radiators or in-floor heating system in your home. As the burner continuously provides thermal energy to heat your home, it gets dirty and may need to be cleaned. In addition, there could be other issues with the burner that will need to be repaired as you begin to use your heating more frequently this winter.

Problems with boiler pumps that need repairs

The boiler installed in your home may use pumps to provide water pressure for the hot water lines and to the radiators of your heating systems. Over the summer months, pumps can freeze, which can cause damage when you turn the heating system on as the weather gets cooler. There are a couple of signs of problems with the pumps, such as no plumbing water pressure or heating radiators making dripping sounds.

Radiators and radiant heating repairs before winter

In addition to the boiler, your heating system's radiators could be the cause of problems with your boiler. Before you start using the heating, you want to make sure to open all the valves and bleed air out of the heating system. If there are any leaks or frozen connections, you will want to have the boiler repair service look at these problems and have them repaired before you start using your heating system this winter.

These boiler problems often start as you begin to use your heating system. Call a boiler repair service for help fixing these issues to ensure you do not have problems with your heating when you need it this winter.