Common Problems Requiring Pool Repair Services

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Common Problems Requiring Pool Repair Services

29 January 2021
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Pool owners love the convenience of having a nice, refreshing pool right outside the door. However, when you need pool repair services, you don't want to delay. Otherwise, you could find that the delicate balance in your pool can turn swampy and unfriendly far too quickly. These are the issues you need to watch for and call for pool repair services at their first signs.

Pump and Motor Issues

Whether failing or operating inefficiently, pump and motor problems for your pool can result in soaring energy costs as the motor runs constantly or murky water as it isn't being properly filtered. Practicing routine maintenance. Periodic pool repair services can extend the life of your pool pump requiring fewer replacements over the life of your pool.

Leaking Pools

While some evaporation of water is expected during the dog days of summer, if you're continuously losing water from your pool, you may have a leak on your hands, though it isn't always easy for homeowners to see. Quality pool repair services will quickly identify the leak and offer prompt service for repairs. If you suspect a leak, it is wise to bring in professionals before your problem grows in proportion.

Lining Issues

Pool linings become more fragile over time. Linings that could once take an impact or two without a problem may tear or rip with the slightest contact with sharp objects later in its life. Bringing in pool repair services can help you determine if it is worth your effort and the costs of patching the lining, or if you'd be better served by replacing it altogether.

Lighting Problems

Because of the location of pool lights and the fact that water and electricity are not compatible, it is far better to call in pool repair services to manage any potential light issues with your pool. After all, your pool is intended to be a safe place for your friends and family to have fun in the sun. Working on the lighting is a risky prospect for the average person— one you should leave to the professionals.

If your pool has special water features like fountains, pool heaters, or custom waterfalls, you may have additional reasons to call in pool repair services over the life of your pool. Just remember to work with quality service providers who are is committed to keeping your pool in tip-top shape while you use it throughout the summer.