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As a homeowner, it can seem almost impossible to determine which construction projects will benefit your household and increase your property value, and which will end up being a regret that can't be undone. If you aren't sure which types of home improvement projects to invest in, you've come to the right place! This blog offers advice about a wide variety of construction projects that you may be thinking about completing. Learn what the financial and lifestyle benefits are for popular contruction projects, and which you'd be better off overlooking if you expect to receive a return on your investment when all is said and done. Check back often, as we publish new construction project topics on a regular basis.


Shopping For A New Air Conditioner? 2 Features You Might Enjoy

13 April 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you might wonder why anyone would spring for a fancy system with advanced features. After all, if it cools your house, what else could it possibly do? Although you might be tempted to pick up a run-of-the-mill unit, newer air conditioners boast features that really can make your life a little better. Here are two air conditioner options you might enjoy, and why they might be worth the investment: Read More …

2 Window Replacement Trends You Should Know About

26 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

When it comes to home improvement projects, it isn't always easy to know where to spend your hard-earned money. Although you might be tempted to rip up that old linoleum flooring or paint a nice accent wall, few projects have as high of a return on investment as replacing your windows. In fact, research has shown that homeowners who replace dated windows with new vinyl versions can recoup as much as 72. Read More …

3 Things You Likely Didn’t Know Heat Pumps Can Do

24 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

If you are thinking of having a heat pump installed in your home to help heat it and keep your energy bills lower during the winter, then you are underestimating just what these pumps can do. While heat pumps are most widely known for their ability to heat homes, once you find out what else they are useful for, you may realize that heat-pump technology is useful for more than just heating the air in your home. Read More …

Keep Your Holiday Shoppers Safe: Locate And Prevent Black Ice On Your Parking Lot

19 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

Before the shopping season hits full swing, you need to make sure that your store's property is safe and free of potential threats like black ice on your parking lot. Black ice doesn't just occur on the open roads. It can also form on your parking lot's asphalt pavement, which endangers every vehicle that drives over it. But you can locate and prevent black ice on your parking lot with these helpful tips below. Read More …

Protect Your Home From Winter Weather Wear And Tear With These Prep Steps

17 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles

The winter months offer a perfect opportunity to cozy up in front of the fireplace and to be a little lazier than during the active summer months of the year. But to maintain a warm and comfortable atmosphere, it is important to protect your home from the wear and tear of winter weather. Here are four effective prep steps that will help you to do just that: Make Your Ceiling Fans Move Clockwise Read More …